Small Group Classes


Small group classes provide synchronized group energy and compliment your private sessions and training goals. We keep our students at their current level.  Through individual modifications,most of our small group classes can accommodate a wide range of abilities. 

Pilates Mat 

This class open to all levels of students. The teacher will make modifications for students as necessary to assist

and challenge.          

Pilates Barre

Pilates Barre combines ballet with Pilates. Barre uses small, isometric movements targeting specific

muscle groups of the chest, arms, thighs, buttocks, and abs.

Equipment/Apparatus Classes

We keep our classes small, but because you will never have 100% of an instructor's attention in a group setting, it is highly recommended that someone new to a Pilates studio setting take 3-5 private sessions before joining an ongoing equipment class. 

Tower Class
This class utilizes the wall unit with spring attachments (called "The Tower") Tower Classes combine the Pilates mat work with apparatus in a small group setting. We use arm springs, leg springs, the roll back bar, and push through bar throughout the mat workout. Tower class is a great addition to private sessions or mat classes to supplement your weekly workouts!  Reservations are required for Tower Classes as they are limited to 4 people. 24 hour cancellation policy does apply.

Mat-Tower-Chair Class 
This is an equipment/apparatus class utilizing the mat, tower, and chair. Reservations are required for Mat-Tower-Chair Classes as they are limited to 4 people. 24 hour cancellation policy does apply.

Pilates System/Reformer

Pilates System and Pilates Reformer classes primarily utilize the reformer. Students may be instructed on other equipment also, at the discretion of the instructor.  System/Reformer classes are often grouped by ability level and we offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance. level classes.  If you are new to our studio, we require that you attend a free 20-30 minute orientation and assessment session prior to joining an ongoing System/Reformer class.

This session will orient you to the reformer and determine which classes would be most beneficial. If you have taken reformer classes at another studio and feel comfortable with the equipment, an orientation session may not be required.  Please contact Melissa by emailing, calling, or texting the studio to schedule an orientation session.  

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Can't find a class that works for your schedule? If there are 4 or more people interested in a time, we may be able to start a new class for you.

Yoga Class
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